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Break new interactive ground to grow your audience, increase engagement and viewership, and promote your personal brand
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interactive content created in minutes

content created in minutes

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Gain and engage

Quizzes and tests effectively attract followers, enticing them to subscribe for new content

Grow subscriber base

Interactive activities are easily spread, amplifying your visibility on social media

Create shareable content

Use quizzes and tests as a feedback mechanism to gauge audience preferences

Know your audience


Solve cases with ease
Using interactive mechanics

Ignite unique partnerships using interactive content to make an impact on your and the brands' audiences

Collaboration with brands

Use tests and quizzes to offer a refreshing addition to your content, keeping the audience excited and captivated

Diversifying content strategy

Go viral with new formats to reach new audiences and increase personal brand exposure

Amplifying personal brand awareness

Create engaging activities to boost your website or media channels traffic, and SEO rankings

Driving traffic to websites and channels

Get the full ride of the hottest news and events, launching games and quizzes related to the topic

Keeping up with the trends

Segment your followers based on their preferences to effectively tailor content to specific groups

Audience segmentation

Kick off with any trending topic
Just key in any subject or lesson you want to get covered. Don’t worry, our AI is an expert in all possible disciplines

Stand out in the crowd
With a few simple steps

Or start with a reference
Use your text, link or media feed to highlight your idea and create content even faster
Refine your creation
Add GIFs and images, create captivating lead form, or other signature elements that reflect your personal brand
Share it with the world
When you are all set, share it on your media or embed it anywhere. Wanna see the reaction? Check the analytics page
Supports multiple languages
Using Meiro, we at Superdao crafted a web3 knowledge test that went viral, amassing over 75k crypto wallets and emails in just 5 weeks. The platform's intuitive design and limitless content-generative capabilities made the process seamless and fast.
The results speak for themselves, and I can't recommend Meiro enough for anyone looking to elevate their content game.
Truly a game-changer!
took the educational test
valid wallets and emails collected

One platform, endless potential
All features you need included

Six types of blocks

Fully-equipped lead form


Custom design


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Protection against retries

User IP



Score-based results

Assign points for correct answers and create a score-based system for results
Transform your influence
Embrace the magic of interactive content
10 days free trial · No credit card needed