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Uncover the magic of tests or quizzes to make education more fun and effective for your students
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interactive content created in minutes

content created in minutes

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Level up your

Quizzes and tests make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging for students

Learning made fun

Interactivity enhances brain activity, resulting in better memory retention and recall

Enhanced memorizing

Tests and quizzes provide instant feedback, helping students learn from mistakes in real-time

Immediate feedback


Solve cases with ease
Using interactive mechanics

Interactive quizzes and tests encourage people to participate actively while leading to a better understanding of the material

Student retention

Empower students with interactive activities that unfold the material at the comfortable tempo, making unique learning experience

Learning pace

Games and quizzes inspire students to a fair contest, motivating them to constantly seek improvement and show great performance

Healthy competition

Break down complex subjects into digestible, interactive elements, making them more approachable for students

Unraveling complex topics

Make taking tests far less stressful for graduates simulating the university qualifying or college admission exams

Reducing test anxiety

Use retry protection and question shuffling to prevent multiple attempts and answer leaks

Tests without cheating

Bring in any topic
Just key in any subject or lesson you want to get covered. Don’t worry, our AI is an expert in all possible disciplines

Empower learning process
With a few simple steps

Or upload your material
Paste already-present content, upload a textbook, or use a website link to get similar composed tests and quizzes
Refine your creation
Customize questions and results, add images and GIFs. Text didn't hit the mark? Regenerate or edit manually
Share it and check who passed
Share your learning activity with the students or embed it on your platform. Look at the analytics to see who coped with the task
Supports 14 languages
Using Meiro, we at Superdao crafted a web3 knowledge test that went viral, amassing over 75k crypto wallets and emails in just 5 weeks. The platform's intuitive design and limitless content-generative capabilities made the process seamless and fast.
The results speak for themselves, and I can't recommend Meiro enough for anyone looking to elevate their content game.
Truly a game-changer!
took the educational test
valid wallets and emails collected

One platform, endless potential
All features you need included

Six types of blocks

Fully-equipped lead form


Custom design


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Protection against retries

User IP



Score-based results

Assign points for correct answers and create a score-based system for results
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10 days free trial · No credit card needed