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content created in minutes

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Interactive forms bring you 5× more users than static content for the same price

More leads at lower costs

Test or quiz viral effect effortlessly increases brand awareness and outreach

Share of Buzz

Interactive content improves the user data collection by 60%

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Solve cases with ease
Using interactive mechanics

Use interactive content as a more appealing lead magnet to attract potential customers and guide them through the sales funnel

Lead generation

Create immersive content centered around your brand to boost its recognition and captivate a new audience

Brand Awareness

Showcase your product or services in a more exciting and interactive manner to entice and delight the audience

Product Promotion

Unleash the fun and excitement of your games and quizzes across social media platforms, igniting waves of users’ interest

Social Media Engagement

Divide your audience into the groups based on results to create targeted and personalized marketing efforts

Audience Segmentation

Apply interactive activities to modernize evaluation process and minimize potential bias in candidate assessment



Start with your idea
Start with the topic that already works for your audience. Or unleash the creativity to catch the eye in a new format

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With a few simple steps

Or upload your content
Paste your content, upload a document, or use a website link. Whatever you choose our magic delivers the result in no time
Refine your creation
Customize questions, add images and GIFs, create lead forms. The intuitive platform interface will significantly save your time
Go viral and run analytics
Send the prepared quiz or test to your audience or embed it on the website. Don’t forget to check the results in a few days
Supports 14 languages
Using Meiro, we at Superdao crafted a web3 knowledge test that went viral, amassing over 75k crypto wallets and emails in just 5 weeks. The platform's intuitive design and limitless content-generative capabilities made the process seamless and fast.
The results speak for themselves, and I can't recommend Meiro enough for anyone looking to elevate their content game.
Truly a game-changer!
took the educational test
valid wallets and emails collected

One platform, endless potential
All features you need included

Six types of blocks

Fully-equipped lead form


Custom design


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Protection against retries

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Score-based results

Assign points for correct answers and create a score-based system for results
Embrace the power of interactive content
Unlock your full marketing potential
10 days free trial · No credit card needed