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Use tests and quizzes to screen candidates and evaluate their skills and knowledge

Enhanced candidate assessment

Interactive tests can help new hires understand the company’s policies more easily

Improved onboarding process

Gamified quizzes can deliver more reliable insights on employee’s productivity and wellness

Better performance tracking


Solve cases with ease
Using interactive mechanics

Use quizzes to provide a quick way to evaluate candidates, narrowing down their pool and saving time for HR

Streamlining pre-screening

Utilize quizzes and tests as feedback tools to gather insights on employees performance, needs, and well-being

Collecting honest feedback

Strengthen employee bonds by fostering in-game collaboration between colleagues and promoting positive working relationship

Team building

Set gamified tasks to bring out leadership traits in employees, helping HR identify future leaders within the organization

Identifying leaders

Share educational games and quizzes with employees to cultivate a culture of learning, allowing employees to grow professionally

Promoting learning culture

Apply interactive activities to modernize evaluation process and minimize potential bias in candidate assessment

Reducing hiring bias

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After publishing, share a link with employees or embed it on any suitable platform. Then check the analytics to see how it goes
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